One of the key equipment of three-dimensional warehouse - stacker

One of the key equipment of three-dimensional warehouse - stacker

May 15, 2024

As the core equipment of the automatic warehousing system, the stacker crane has stable and reliable mechanical and electrical performance, and its excellent inbound and outbound processing capabilities fully meet user needs.

The stacker crane mainly has three directions of movement:

Walking: The stacker moves back and forth along the tunnel driven by the motor.

Lifting: The lifting platform moves up and down along the main column driven by the motor.

Forklift: The fork is driven by a motor to move goods at the entry and exit station or cargo space.

The figure below shows a typical stacker crane structure.

lower beam


As for the overall support base of the stacker, the dynamic and static loads generated during the operation of the stacker are transmitted from the chassis to the running wheels. Therefore, the chassis is made of heavy steel as the main body and is welded or bolted to maintain good rigidity.

Running gear


(1) In order to maintain the stable operation of the stacker, the traveling mechanism adopts a frequency conversion controlled AC motor, and the traveling wheel is driven by a reducer to walk forward and backward along the ground guide rail.



(2) Each running wheel is equipped with a lateral guide to maintain the stability of the stacker. The running wheel set is equipped with a special bracket. When the running wheel or lateral guide wheel accidentally becomes loose, this bracket should be able to support the chassis on the ground guide rail. superior.

Lifting mechanism


(1) Variable speed type, which uses variable frequency to control the AC motor and drives the load platform to rise or fall through a reducer. The selected lift motors are equipped with safety electromagnetic brakes to stably maintain the cargo platform at a certain height.



(2) The lifting mechanism includes a sprocket, a guide wheel and a chain tension adjustment device, or a cable pulley, a guide cable pulley and a cable tension adjustment device.


---By Zita Jian

15th, May 2024

Add: Jiangsu Kingmore Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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